Changing it up

One of the things I hate about my job is that Keen can’t do his job. He has to be locked up all the time because I don’t want the other dogs hurting him. I usually stick him in a kennel and let him out when I am done with chores, then put him back in when there is a check in or check out.

Since I am running the Kennel all on my lonesome, I did not feel exactly safe not having him by me side. We only have four dogs and a cat right now. It is slow until the fifteenth then things start picking up. So, I decided to try and let Keen come and do chores with me. 

He did really good. At least as good as expected. He kept sniffing around for dog food, but who can blame him? Three of the dogs are in a separate room and they are extremely excitable. When they saw Keen, they went nuts and tried to get through the gate to get him, but Keen just went about his business. He had his hackles up, but he was calm so he saw them. Just wasn’t going to cage fight with them like most dogs do.

That made me very proud that I can actually have with me. You see, the kennel is being renovated, so it makes a lot of noises. I am not being paranoid about someone just coming in and killing us all. It is that I don’t want anybody sneaking up on me. We actually have had people just show themselves in while I was doing chores. It scared the living daylights out of me. I didn’t want it to happen again. With Keen by my side, it won’t.

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