Busy busy busy

Yesterday we headed to my grandparent’s house so that we could pick up my mom, and they live about a two hours drive away. I ended up getting time off so that I could go. I did not want to go because I CANNOT handle that long of a drive. So, the only way I could go is if I took Dramamine so that I’d sleep.

Well, we got on the interstate and the roads were really icy. My brother was driving and my dad and I were both terrified of his driving. After about five minutes, my dads phone rang and it was my sister who was driving in a separate vehicle. My dad looked at his phone and said “Crap.”

He answers the phone and sure enough, they had hit the ditch as soon as they got on the interstate. There were wrecks all over the road. Two in the ditch, one in a fence, and another had spun 180 degrees and stopped facing the the wrong way. So that guy was on the side of the road on an overpass, and my sister and her fiancé changed lanes and that’s when they lost control. They had stopped two feet away from the other lane right as a semi was passing.

As soon as my dad answered the phone he told my brother to pull over so that he could drive. I was absolutely no help because I was in the back seat frozen with fear. We got on the road again and eventually the roads cleared up and then I was out. I woke up when we had gotten to my grandparent’s house. 

Whenever I take sleep medication, it works too well on me. So, I was still absolutely exhausted and ended up keeping my sunglasses on so that people couldn’t see that I was sleeping. Haha! Over the years, I have mastered sleeping with my eyes open. So when we were over to see my little cousins, they thought I was dead. 

Nonetheless, we all survived, but I am glad that when we head back home today I can just go right to bed. I have a really busy month and it starts tomorrow. My boss’s husband’s dad died Friday so they have to go to the funeral and will be gone till December 20th. Then I will be taking my HiSET from the 22nd to the 24th. I am pretty sure I will be absolutely pooped after the holidays.

2 thoughts on “Busy busy busy

  1. T’is the season of insanity, on so many levels. The holiday madness, in addition to every day chaos… yeah, that definitely adds up quickly. It sure sounds like you’ve got a busy month ahead. Stay positive, and try to get some extra rest. Not everyone can sleep with their eyes open, so use that to your full advantage. 😀

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