Movie Jitters

I am going to the movie theater to see a movie tonight. Keen and I were both feeling very bored so we decided (and by we I mean me) to see a movie today. My friend comes over every Saturday to eat snacks and watch movies starting with the letter of the alphabet we are on. We used to go to the movies at the theater on the last Saturday of the month. 

Well, we haven’t done it for the past few months because I just couldn’t handle the anxiety of just about everything. So, my friend was so freaking fantastic and decided that she didn’t want to go to the movies without me. So we didn’t. But yesterday I told her I wanted to go the see a movie and so here I am… With the the movie jitters.

I absolutely HATE going to the movie theater. You have to be at the theater way before so that you can get a seat, and in order to so that, you have to wade through a humongous crowd of people to get your tickets and snacks. I am a VERY punctual person, but because I can’t drive, I have to go on everyone else’s time. I think it’s a little bit of a control thing.

Anyways, I am really anxious right now. It’s always before and after the event that my anxiety hits really hard. I am at the stage of wanting not to go, but still wanting to. It’s complicated… My mom is not letting me back out which is probably good, but man do I hate the process…

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