It’s thanksgiving day. Everyone is hurrying about the house to get all the food cooked. Yesterday’s doctors appointment was pointless, they said they would refer me to someone else. I groomed at ten and I took my dad along with me to maybe make it go by faster.

That was a bad idea. The kennel is so full that we have dogs on the floor in the grooming room and a mastiff in the entry way of the cat room. As soon as I saw how much of a mess everything was, I lost my cool. I was a big angry mess that was trying to wrestle a cocker spaniel to stay still while the little dogs are barking and my dads dog is chasing the rabbits around their cage. 

I just couldn’t handle it. I was outside in the below freezing weather trying to get myself to calm down. It was the only escape I could find, but then my boss’s family (who lives right next door to the kennel) started to show up to celebrate thanksgiving together. So, I had to go back inside and get the groom done as best as I could. Just for future reference, do not groom when you are angry, anxious, and overwhelmed. It does not sit well with the dog.

So here I am. Just absolutely freaking out after I had to throw in the towel on the groom and now I am gross and covered in hair. Dinner isn’t ready yet and I have to go back in and do chores at the kennel and possibly finish the groom before the dog gets picked up tomorrow morning.

How am I feeling? Well… I want to quit. I want to quit my job, I want to quit driving, I want to quit being stressed, I want to quit on the holiday fun. I want to quit on it all. But will I? No, I won’t because I have no choice but to keep going. I have to just quit thinking and feeling, but I already have so it won’t make much difference. Holidays are not my cup of tea. I would rather hole up in my room and just let them go on by without me.

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