Doctors appointment!

I finally gathered my guts and asked my mom to schedule an appointment with my GP. The only thing is that it is Wednesday at 2:15 and I’m freaking out! Reason for this panic? My boss scheduled a groom on Wednesday. So, I am going to have to cram these two appointments into a four hour period…

Ok that didn’t make sense, but what I mean is that this groom is being boarded at the kennel from Wednesday to Friday. This groom is also not a matter of just doing it a different day because Thursday is thanksgiving and for the first time ever, we are having family visit, and the dog gets picked up Friday morning.

I am hoping that the dog gets dropped off by ten so that I can get an early start and be finished by 1:00 at the latest. I hate it when this happens. When there is a lack of communication due to too many things happening at once. It doesn’t help that the dog that’s coming in is usually a big nasty matted mess, which doubles my time. 

I was considering canceling my doctor appointment, but my mom said she won’t let me miss it even if she has to come to work and help me finish the dog. That is one reason why I’m greatful for having a job only five minutes from home. I can have someone come help me with a groom if need be. Even if I get the dog done in time, I can still see myself panicking. I have hated going to the doctor since the first time I went in and they said they don’t know what is wrong with me.

So, I have compiled a list of concerns and so on to tell my GP. Ahh… The cheat sheet is the way to go when you are an anxious forgetful person. I remember my High School principle smiling when he saw me pull out my cheat sheet during a conference with him. This will also be the first time Keen and I have gone to the doctor together. It’ll be quite the adventure I’m sure.


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