Dropping the ball

I’m really sorry guys that I haven’t been keeping on top of posting. I don’t really have an excuse. I have just been too anxious to write. We scheduled my HiSET for next week, so I am really nervous. I just keep finding myself doubting that I’ll even pass. Which will cause me to have to retake the test, which will cost even more money. Argh… I just really hate the time leading up to the test, but love taking the test. I know, I’m weird that way. 

It was my older sisters birthday on Monday, but we aren’t celebrating it till today because we were all working and then she went to a concert. She wants pizza so I made it today, and she just left so I’m kind of wondering what that means. She and her boyfriends one year anniversary was on Halloween and he asked her to marry him. She was oh so surprised, but everyone else knew he was going to ask.

Keen is doing a lot better. He is doing very well on “Alerting” me when I have an epsiode. It is kind of a strange command because the command is not to alert me before I have one, but to bring me out of one. To where I am alert. He just licks my face when I start breathing irregularly and moving strangely. He has gotten very good at it too. 

My mom and I went with my sister to go pick out an outfit on Friday, and let me tell you what. I was on display more than usual. I have become a bit stingy with whom I provide information about myself to, and I am okay with my decision. It keeps people away from me on my bad days. The only thing is that my mom is not stingy at all. All a person has to say is “Oh how cute.” And my she will tell them my whole life story. 

It really frustrates me. I can get in and get out of a store in under ten minutes when I’m alone. My secret is that I pretend I didn’t hear them and let them assume. But when my mom or older sister comes with, it can take us more than 30 minutes to get out. And I am left standing there awkwardly as they talk as if I’m not there. Anyways, my mom talked to many people that day and I got stopped and talked about a lot more than usual. I’m not quite sure why. It was a bit unsettling. 

I don’t know if this is a necessarily interesting post, but I thought you guys should get an update. Thanks for your time!


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