I have been feeling really discouraged these past few days. We called to schedule my HiSET only to find out that we can’t do it yet because we can’t pay for the testing. I getting really psyched for the test. To get it done and out of the way. To move on.

So that was shot down. Now I have to go back to waiting, but I am not going to wait idly. Another thing that I am having to wait for is my drivers license. I want to do things, go places that no one else wants to go or do. And sometimes, those things are important for me to have the motivation to get up in the morning. 

I have decided to get a bike. Not one of those mountain bikes that have three gears that you get a Walmart. No, I’m talking $300, 21 gear road bike. Reason? I live about 6 miles from a small town. There is nothing to see or do in this small town, so my next option is a town that is 10.2 miles from where I live. There is also a town in the opposite direction of the other two that is about 15 miles away from where I live.
Doesn’t sound so bad. If you came here and actually drove out to my little farm, you would find your car has a hard time getting there. The reason is for all of the damn hills. When we are in the car on the way to town, it feels like a roller coaster. You even get nauseated if you go over a certain speed.
Anyways, this a long explanation to tell you that the only way I can get any biking done around here is if I get a bike that has 21 gears to help me up the vertical hills. I think it will also be good for Keen. I can get him exercised regularly until he can’t go anymore. 
It might be a while before I can go to any neighboring towns because I don’t think Keen will make it. He may surprise me though. My solution to that problem is to get a trailer for him to hook up to my bike. Although, they seem to be more expensive than my bike will be. 
The month is almost over which means it is almost time for me to get my paycheck. It is kind of crazy how fast time goes when you are living paycheck to paycheck. My days are going by even faster than when I was in school and working. I wonder if it was because my days to so full that I didn’t get to enjoy my day.
Anywho, if you find yourself struggling, set a goal for yourself. It doesn’t have to be “I am going to go to a movie at the end of the month” kind of goal. It can just be “I am going to get myself an ice cream cone tomorrow.” A day to day goal. Something to get out of bed for. Sometimes my small goals are what gets me through a “I just want to stay in bed and cry” day or week. 


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