I can’t sleep…

This post is probably going to be filled with a lot of random thoughts. I have been absolutely terrible on posting regularly. I don’t really have an excuse other than life. I have been meaning to schedule my HiSET but keep forgetting to call. Grooming has been kicking up since winter is slowly approaching. This week has been busy in that matter.

I ended up contacting the owner of the program we went through to train a Keen and she said that I need to desensitize him. Which means that I need to socialize him again. Meaning that I need to start allowing people to pet him so that he can get used to it. It has been hard for me to allow people to do so. I find that I myself am a bit protective of him.

At the beginning of Keen’s training, it took me forever to get used to telling people no. Now I need turn that switch off and allow people to pet him. I feel as if Keen’s training will never be finished. There always be something that he and I will need to work on. He is starting to run off again.

It is partly my fault because he saw one of our cats coming up the driveway with a mouse and he started chasing her. I got mad when he didn’t come when I called the first time, and well… I am going to start introducing treats into the picture again. I really want to know how you train a dog to be accustomed to people with bipolar disorder. 

I know someone that has a bipolar service dog and the dog is stone faced. He doesn’t back down from his alert no matter how angry the kid gets. I have a feeling that I am going to have to start training him in that manner. My mood gets out of whack for no reason at times. Or Keen can do one thing wrong and I will blow up. Feel like I don’t have a trained service dog and that he and I are hopeless. I get straightened out eventually, but it takes a bit.

I am planning on making a post to show you all of Keen’s equipment. I have been putting it off because I need decent pictures and I’m having trouble getting some. I have also discovered a new hobby that I enjoy doing. I love hand sewing. It is tedious and requires patience, but easy to notice when you are making progress, if that makes sense.

I should probably get to bed. It is midnight and I have to get up at 6:30 in the morning. Ugh…


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