Dealing with the public

I love this picture. I often get very frustrated when I’m out and people think I’m training. And since they think I’m training, they think they get to pet the dog. I had a very strange person approach me the other day. I was looking at gloves at a store when a lady stops and starts walking towards me and Keen in slow motion. 

As she slowly walked towards me, she asked the routine questions. “Are you training him? Is he yours then? What’s his name? What do you need him for? That is so cool, he is so handsome.” I answer the way I always do, “No. Yes. K… Maximus. Seizure Alert. Thanks.”

But once she finally came close enough, she reached down to pet him. Keen was very unsure about her as she slowly walked towards us, so he started growling when she held out her hand. I told her not to pet him and we went on our way. 

I am so used to these kind of situations. It is really sad that the people that want the least attention get the most attention. To the extent of making a five minute run into the store that takes 15 minutes. It is worse when people don’t see you limping or in a wheelchair so assume you do not need the dog. First things that come to mind is that they are training the dog or the dog is a fake. Which causes us to have to explain ourselves further.

I haven’t run into a situation where I have had to prove/explain myself, but I’m sure it’s only a matter of time. I do get the looks though… And all the oo’s and ah’s.


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