Rough Week

This week was pretty slow. My Dad went on a hunting trip so he has been gone all week. Work was pretty slow until Wednesday. I had to come in Wednesday morning to wait for some people to drop their dogs off. The week was pretty good. I like slow weeks.

Well my week took a turn for the worst on Thursday. I had to groom a cocker spaniel and the dog had already been dropped of when I got there. My boss said the guy wants the hair all off and that it is a little sensitive to touch because it got bit by a rattlesnake a couple years ago.

I was like ok. No problem. I’ve got this. The dog, Paco, was nice enough. He got up on the table and let me hook him up. I got the clippers out and put my arm under his belly to get him to stand up. He wasn’t standing so applied a bit more before and he snapped. He jumped up and bit my hand. 

I was frozen. My heart was pounding and tears were coming to my eyes. Keen was going nuts in his kennel. I had backed away from the table and was staring at Paco. I.wasnt scared of the dog, I was scared of the fact that I won’t be able to finish the groom. 

I muzzled it and got his back and part of his back legs done. I couldn’t continue the groom without touching it under the belly. So I called my mom and she said that I have to stop. It is not safe for me to continue with this groom. So I called my boss and told her I couldn’t finish it. She then came down and tried to see if I couldn’t get it done with two people. He lunged at her and she said that I can’t continue. I can’t risk getting seriously hurt. He didn’t puncture the skin the first time. So she called the owner and told him why I couldn’t continue.

Later when the owner picked up, he tipped me twenty dollars for the work that I did get done. He also wanted to know how I groom Paco because he decided to try to do it himself. I told him the process and he said he was very impressed for what I did get done. Even with him lunging at me. 

I don’t know why, but I still count that as a failure in my book. I hold unrealistic standards for myself and it really very healthy. I will always see myself as a failure with all the standards I have. I am still working on lowering them. It is going to take some work, but I will eventually do it.


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