It’s Been Approved!

I’m sure I have mentioned time and time again about my HiSET (GED) accommodations. I was getting really discouraged because I haven’t heard back from them. I was considering just taking the test without accommodations because I just wanted it done so that I could move on.

My mom and I went grocery shopping yesterday. I wasn’t doing very well. I didn’t talk for the entire ride because I was too busy squeezing my eyes shut, trying not to cry. After a bit, I calmed down and my mom was telling me how if I wanted to get the HiSET done without accommodations, she would back me up.

We came home and I only had about ten minutes to get ready for work. So, I was stressing. When I came home, I unwinded by getting on my iPad and reading or watching something. My pad beeped telling me that I had a new email. It was from the ETS Disability Center.

I opened the PDF file and it said, “Your request for 100% double test taking time, and 15 minute breaks for each section has been approved. You will also receive the protocol for individuals with a service dog. Therefore, you will be tested in a separate room.”

I screamed in excitement and ran up to show my mom. She started reading it and she just started bawling. A total God send. I don’t have to be anxious or stressed about taking the test at all. I just have to be stressed and anxious about scheduling it. Yup… There is no end.


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