Quick learner

I mentioned before that Keen doesn’t know what to do when I go into an epsiode. So, I have been training him to respond by licking my eyes. It’s weird, but it works. I went about training him to lick my eyes on command by smearing peanut butter (which I hate… I guess I took one for the team) on my eyes.

He would start licking it and I would tell him good Alert. That is what I decided to call the command. I would do it every so often to the point that whenever I would say alert, he would lick my eyes. I was going to stage an “episode,” but I never got around to it.

A couple nights ago, I was in bed and listening to music. I had a headache, but I really wanted to sing to this song. So, I compromised and breathed to the song… I was tired. Anyways, one of the things I do in an epsiode is hyperventilate. 

So Keen got up and immediately started licking my face. He then resorted to just lying on me and licking my face. I couldn’t tell him to stop because he was licking my mouth too (EWW!). I started petting him and he calmed down. He ended up sleep on me that night.

I was so proud of how quickly he learned what the command was for. So now whenever I stat hyperventilating, whether on purpose or not, he starts licking me. I was once doing a laugh where all you can hear is breathing in a store, and Keen was so confused on what to do. Because I was standing and he can’t reach my face when I’m standing.

He is certainly make progress and will have it down in no time.

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