I got a tip from the dog I did yesterday, so I wanted to go get some snacks for the rest of the grooms this week. I ended up filling up the truck and then my two sisters, brother, and I all went to the gas station to grab a treat. My older sister decided that she want to go to the grocery store instead, so we drove over there.

My small town (more like a village) is about fifteen minutes away from the nearest town. It was about 7:15 pm when we left the house. We all grabbed what we wanted to get and then got in the car. My older sister ended up driving. I was very confused. Then I realized that she wanted to go through a drive thru to get herself supper.

It was about 7:48 by this time. It was getting dark. The line at the drive thru was extremely long. She got her food then parked so that my little sister could drive. It was dark by this time. I was terrified. I avoid driving or riding in the dark AT ALL. 

My older got my little sister a treat so she was eating while driving. It is dark, deer are everywhere, and she isn’t watching the road. I didn’t want to stress her out, so I covered my eyes. My brother asked me why I was covering my eyes and I said that I didn’t want to watch. They all knew what that meant.

A few minutes later, my sister slams on the brakes and my older sister gasps. I look up and see that there was a deer on the road. It was a miracle we didn’t hit it. We were so close that it rubbed against the car as we drove past it. That was the breaking point.

I don’t remember anything after that until I woke up on our couch. I am really sore and I feel like my head has been filled with cotton balls. But just enough to where my brain is still bouncing around. I feel like my eyeballs are loose. I was a little hesitant to drive to work, but I didn’t have an option.

I’m home after the two grooms… The dogs were pungent with the smell of skunk. Now I’ve got a migraine on top of a loose brain… I’m at very low. It has been a good six months since I have had an episode. My mom said it was induced by trauma. Like I said, I’m at a low point. Kind of doubting there is an end.


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