Keen’s Alias

One of my top suggestions to new service dog teams is to come up with an alias for your dog. There are so many people out there who are polite by talking to and ask your dog’s name. As soon as they learn the dog’s name they then start calling them. Extremely rude, but people do it.

I went to church for the second time. My family had to pull out of our last church for various reasons, and haven’t found a new one since. The week before last, they went to a church that a lady my mom works with goes to (she’s British… In other words, super awesome!). I didn’t go until last week. 

It was nice. Kind of refreshing really. It was the second time my family has gone, so I got to skip all the introductions. Today, everyone noticed that there were now four kids and they haven’t met them. So, I had to go through the introductions again. The First Lady asked Keen’s name and I said Bradley. She didn’t talk to thankfully. I was very impressed.

We then walked to our seats at the other side of the room and ran into a few more people. I introduced Keen as Bradley and they called and talked to him. He didn’t react because they didn’t call his name. I’m used to it, so I’m used to the confused or unimpressed face that comes with the fact that he didn’t react.

Some actually say that he must not be trained very well because he doesn’t come when you call him. I just smile, but I’m so tempted to say, “That’s because your not calling his name.” And then walk away. There are some people that deserve it, but I don’t want to waste the energy.

Anyways, when you come up with an alias, make sure it doesn’t sound anything like their real name. Specifically the last syllable. 

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