That Was Creepy…

I went with my sister to her bank to get something notarized, and the bank was in a grocery store. We approached the waiting area and a lady came out of this tiny room. My sister told her that she needed something notarized and the lady said she could do that. She briefly looked up and saw my and Leen standing behind my sister.

The lady asked if the dog was my sisters… Ok. Why do people do that? I am wearing my leash that hooks to my waist like a belt and people always ask if Keen belongs to the person with me. Ugh… Anyways, my sister said no and then the lady got all excited and telling me how her husband has a service for MS and emotional support.

I was polite and said that is nice. I wasn’t feeling very social. The lady started walking towards the tiny office and my sister followed. My rebellious self stayed where I was while the lady continued to talk to me. I saw the surprised look when they closed the door and I wasn’t there.

I then started to look around in the grocery store and as I was nearing the end of the aisle, an employee popped up. “Hi! How is the training going?” I nearly passed out from fear/surprise. I recovered quickly and said it was fine. I then started towards the back of the store and then another employee blocked my path.

“Hi! How is everything going?” Yet again, scared the life out of me. I was beginning to get creeped out. I have never been in that store before, and I probably never will be again. The last straw was when a third person approached me. Keen was starting to not like it either. So I resorted to stand in th plant section where I could hide.

Why do people do that? I’m used to it, but they were all employees and ambushed me. The last time that happened, Keen was really not happy about it. I’m actually very impressed that he didn’t have an out burst. Nevertheless, don’t approach a service dog team by blocking their exit and ask them questions. It is very unsettling.


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