Hiding in my room…

Today turned out to be a lot harder than I thought. It was the first day of school for my little brother and sister. They are both in high school now. I’m not sure I even want to talk about it. This is how my day went…

I got up – 7:20 AM

Fed Keen – 7:25 AM

Took a shower – 7:30 AM

Went to my room – 8:00 AM

Came out of my room to eat lunch – 1:30 PM

Went back to my room – 1:35 PM

Went to work – 3:50 PM

Came home – 4:30 PM

I have been in my room since. I think my mom suggested my siblings to not talk to me. I am kind of an explosion hazard today. That is how it is. When I’m not coping well, I tend to be angry at the world when I’m in it. But when I’m in my room, I’m a melting hazard. 

This anger started building up when my little sister said that I should get a yearbook. She has asperbergers so she tends to speak before she thinks. I asked her why and she said that I should get one because all my friends are graduating. Oh my goodness… So I have been hiding in my room since then. 

Ha. I’m apparently not good company because Keen doesn’t even want to stay in my room with me. I am a very grumpy person today. I didn’t really want to write anything today, but I did anyways. I’m at the lowest of low moments right now. I can’t get out and I feel as if I was forced into this deep dark whole. Hence the anger…


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