Going to a movie…

One of my friends and I do a movie night every Saturday. It is usually rent a movie or find one on Netflix, but the last Saturday of every month, we go to a movie theater. 

I have gone to see a few movies since having Keen. I am not a big fan of it. I have learned to pick the aisle seats on the top row. The reason is because our theater’s have about two seats that don’t have a row in front. That way I can just have Keen at my feet and he isn’t smooshed.

The only thing is that if we get there too early and there is no one on the top row but us, it gets stressful. The top row is a somewhat popular seat and people that show up late can only find seats in the top row. Keen is black so when the lights are turned down, you can’t see him. I end up having a lot of people stepping on some part of him.

Keen is very good about not reacting when that does happen, but it is a pain. Whenever I see people trying to find a seat, my anxiety level go way up. Keen usually ends up alerting me so he is standing and not listening to my commands because he trying to tell me that I need to leave. I get frustrated and end up leaving until the movie starts and people are no longer coming in. 

Although, the most irritating circumstance in a movie I’ve had is when the person I’m with, doesn’t want to deal with my dog. I will have the same situation as I described above and the person will tell me to just get up and let people in. That does not help me AT ALL. I am already on the verge of a panic attack and they just keep adding to the fire. 

Thankfully I’m not going to a movie with that person, and probably never again. I don’t know what my problem is, but I feel guilty about having to have Keen. I am always giving him mixed signals because I am trying to make him and me as small as possible. Especially when we are in a line or waiting for someone. My mom is always telling that I shouldn’t feel bad about having him. He is supposed to be there and create a little bubble so that people don’t get too close, but I don’t like it when people are annoyed by me. 

The funny thing is that when my dog is doing something to annoy a person, it’s my fault. But when he is doing something cute, I’m not even there. Every outing is an adventure and since our camping trip, I have not been wanting to go out. Which is very strange for me. I always take every opportunity to get out. My mom noticed this and told me that I’m going to the movie when I said I didn’t think I was. 

So, I am going to tackle the public environment again. I don’t know how it is going to go, but I am going to work past that fact and still go. I guess we’ll see how everything goes.

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