A new vest

I have decided that I am going to have to get Keen a new vest. His current one keeps getting mysteriously chewed. I don’t know how it happened because I hang it up high, and none of our dogs can get. I don’t think Keen can chew it when he is wearing it either. But who knows.

His current vest is from activedogs.com and is very nice. It is the butterfly vest that has a hole in one of the pockets for poop bags and two rings on top to connect a handle. I just put a paracord handle on it because I was annoyed by the rings being used for nothing. As time went by, I have used the handle quite a lot.

When I go into a blind panic, Keen waits for me to grab onto the handle and takes me somewhere to sit down. I didn’t think I would need to use the handle, but it has turned out to be handy. My dilemma is that I am thinking of getting two vests. That way I have a back up one if his other vest is in the wash or out of commission. The only thing is that I now need one with a handle.

I am thinking of getting the same one he has now, but it is wearing out on the inside of the vest. The part that touches him is beginning to fade and I don’t know why. The other thing is that I want a vest that I can attach patches to. I think of a service dog vest as being like having to put No Trespassing signs up on your property so that if some does trespass, you aren’t liable for any injuries.

I have a Do Not Pet: Trained To Protect Handler patch, an Emergency Information Inside patch, and a couple Do Not Pet patches (of course). All the vests that I find that have a place to attach a handle or the ability to apply patches, are either one or the other. The only vest that has both is the vest he’s wearing now. It just it cost $45 and I need two…

I don’t know what I’m going to decide, and any suggestions of where I could find more vests would be greatly appreciated.

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