Camping Trip

A long time ago, I wrote about how I got a ton of camping stuff so that I could go camping this summer. Well, I’m finally going to do it. My sister and a few of my friends are going to go camping. I haven’t been camping in about twelve years. So, I’m a bit nervous.

Every time I do something new, I tend to go through four stages. Excitement, anxious, ready to back out, and then prepared for whatever happens. I am now at the final stage. We split up the menu for us to all get the food needed. Now I feel as if I might be too prepared. But then I remember that I am also packing for Keen. In other words, I have to bring the food and other stuff for my smallish horse. 

The thing I am most worried about is whether we will get a camping spot. My friends went out camp spot hunting today even though we won’t be heading out till tomorrow. I am still unsure how to feel about this. It has been a while. And we are tent camping by the way. 

My older sister decided not to come because she likes to go glamping. It means glamorous camping. She likes to sleep in a camper. We don’t have one, but her boyfriend does. Once she got a taste of the good life, she doesn’t want to go back. Haha.

I won’t be able to post anything till I get back. Which will be Monday. I hope to get pictures and share them with you all, but we’ll see. I guess I will write to you later!

3 thoughts on “Camping Trip

  1. Enjoy camping! It sounds like a lot of fun. I’m a bit jealous, since I haven’t been camping in a while.

    Also, have you thought about getting a pack for your dog? Your dog can carry some of his own gear. RuffWear has some great camping and outdoor gear for dogs. It’s a bit pricey, but it gives you an idea of what’s out there.

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    • Abigail says:

      Sweet! Thanks for the tip! I have been thinking of getting him one mainly because he can carry his food instead of me having to carry everything.


      • I’m planning to do the same, food and water. I’m limited in how much I’m allowed to lift and carry, so keeping my bag light is a must. Good luck and I look forward to hearing more about your adventure!

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