Sleep Routine

I am a very… Routine oriented person. There is another word for it, but I can’t remember it at the the moment. I became this way after my TBI. The only way I could remember anything was if I kept a routine. I had a locker at our house in third grade that we called my memory station.

Whenever I came home, I would put everything in there. When it was time to do homework, I knew where it would be and knew where to put it when I was done. And when I left the house again, I would take everything that was in there to school again. My parents would check the things I had in there to make sure I wasn’t carrying around stuff that I didn’t need.

My sleep routine? Well, I could never get to sleep. After about a month of functioning under lack of sleep, my doctor decided to have me take benedryl before going to bed. That helped a lot. Over the past nine years, however, I have been on and off of benedryl. There would be a point where I didn’t really need to take it, so I would ween myself off it. Then, after about a year, I would start taking it again.

So, I have had trouble getting to sleep and staying asleep for most of my life. As I have gotten older, I have trouble turning my brain off. I am not taking benedryl at the moment, so I don’t have any aid in turning it off. I have discovered a good way to help though. 

I have a fan on and a movie playing. My mom recently discovered that I have a movie playing at night (yup. I live in that kind of household). And she didn’t understand why I have it playing if I’m not watching it. The reason is because night time is when all the dark thoughts come, and memories I’d rather forget are remembered. The movie serves as a distraction.

It is midnight right now, so I am having trouble getting to sleep. Keen is curled up next to me, oblivious to most everything. I have discovered two spiders in my bed so far (another reason I can’t sleep). I have an early morning tomorrow… And a stressful one. I will save that post for later this morning.


One thought on “Sleep Routine

  1. I wish you tons of luck on your routine! I’m a pretty habitual type of person too. I love my routines, but getting on them and staying on them is hard.

    I wish I could fall asleep with the television on! I end up sucked into the show and watch it all night, unless it’s kids shows.

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