Potato Festival

Yup. My small town celebrates the harvest of potatoes with a festival. We are a farm town, so everything pretty much revolves around the farmers activities. In fact there are days where it is best to just stay home, unless you give yourself an hour to get where you’re going because of the farm machinery on the roads.

Anyways, I have gone to the festival once before. I don’t remember why, but this time my sister is going to be in the band so I’m going to get a ride from her. The funny thing is that the last time I went, Keen was with me. But he was still in training. And when he was in training, his vest said you could pet him. So everyone did. I guess we’ll see how he does.

I think he will be fine, but the is always that worry in the back of my brain. I am supposed to meet a friend there, so I think it will be fun. I’m saying a lot of “I think…” I’m just really anxious for this social outing. Excited too, but the anxiety is overruling it by just a smidge. 

I’m excited because I haven’t been out all week. I’m experiencing cabin fever I believe. I actually that this outing is me escaping from other anxieties in a way… Oh well. What ever gets me by. I will let you all know how this goes.


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