Anxiety Attack

Whoo! It was a tough day today. I groomed the big Newfoundland yesterday and she went home this morning. It took me two hours to brush all of her mats out. And another hour to get her bathed. Well the lady ended up calling to complain that I didn’t shave her haunches and underbelly. 

When my boss called to tell me that, I was in the middle of doing two grooms. When I got off the phone, I just collapsed in a hot, shaky heap. Keen was on top of me in seconds. Licking me all over trying to get me to come out of it. I was panicking in the midst of my episode because I still had a dog on the table. 

About 5-10 minutes later, it finally stopped. I was exhausted. Thankfully, the dog I was doing was a small one. Otherwise, I probably wouldn’t have been able to finish the groom. Keen was by my side and whining for rest of the time I was at the kennel. Him doing that meant that I wasn’t completely clear of another episode. So, when I finished the groom, I had my mom come get me. 

I am not a social person. I don’t know how to deal with a negative social situation, hence my social anxiety. The news of an unsatisfied customer and having to redo the dog, sent me over the edge. I kept my cool for the few minutes I was on the phone. I am somehow able to finish the task that makes me anxious. When I was at school and I was anxious about a test I was taking, I wouldn’t have an episode until after I completed the test.

It is very convenient, but it always ends in an epsiode. Now that I have Keen, he alerts me to my anxiety during the task so that I know I need to take a break. Which prevents the episode at the end of the task. Anyways, when I got home and relaxed, I finally calmed down. I think I might even be able to handle the angry lady… Next week. I will save that worry for when it’s viable…

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