My Confidence has been obliterated…

Ok. So I was, surprisingly, psyched for this week. I am the woman in charge till the 17th. Which really means I am working both times for five days straight. This morning was going really well. I groomed Dori while I was waiting for some people to show up and then read my book. 

I got a call from my boss saying that one of the people are going to arrive soon. They show up and I still have to wait for one more person. I had been waiting for four hours already. I was beginning to get bored. So, I planned on calling the people to see if they were still planning on coming. I then got all my stuff, turned out the lights, and locked up.

A half hour later, my boss calls again to tell me that the people are at the kennel. I am at home and had forgotten to call the people. So I had to hurry back to put the dogs in the kennels. You probably could have heard my confidence shatter the moment I got the call.

It seems a small matter I’m sure. The only thing is that I had a TBI when I was eight, so my memory is a bit sketchy. My memory is a lot better than it was a couple years ago, but it does act up once in a while. My biggest fear when I started this job, was that I was going to forget to do things.

And I did. A lot. I was either over/under charging people, forgetting to turn heaters/air conditioners off, or locking doors. This past year has been a good one. My mistakes have been at a bare minimum. That is until today. And I am in charge… Alone. I have to fix my own problems. 

Anyways, I have absolutely no confidence at this moment. I am the shell of a tiny person that is going to have to tackle a humongous, misbehaved Newfoundland onto a grooming table tomorrow. Trying to brush a gigantic walking mat with no confidence, spells disaster. 

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