Long time no blog…

sorry that I haven’t updated you all on how our trip went. We went to go see my other grandparents whom we have know all our lives, on Sunday. It was also with them that I stayed with during my bout of severe depression. Now, all they remember me as is that person last year. 

I am no longer the same person. I do continue to battle depression, but I am able to care for myself. My grandma is the main one that kept holding me back form doing things. I wanted to go see J, who has the service dog Grace, but she was not all for it. 

I spent the afternoon with them, and my Gma kept texting me saying she is going to come pick me up. After about an hour. So, I had to keep fighting her on that. I then developed a migraine from anxiety, ruining the rest of my visit. 

Wednesday night church was the most stressful. I don’t know why, but then most times, there is no reason for my anxiety. I just am. Keen alerted me, so I went outside to sit in the grass. J later joined me and we chatted about Service Dog stuff. Then the service ended and we left. 

My sister had to keep my Gma from getting up to get me. She had to explain that I can help myself. Keen does his job, and a darn good one at that. So, she ended up leaving me alone. This trip has changed me a lot. I am more confident, which makes Keen confident. We were in social situations we haven’t been before and survived.


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