Protective Service Dog

I talked about the Skids in my first couple blog posts. J Skid was the one that had a service dog of his own named Grace. She is a big black lab and the friendliest dog in the world. Grace and J are the reasons I looked into getting myself a service dog. I finally got to go see them yesterday and introduce Keen.

Keen immediately took to the kids, but took a while to warm up to J and Jess. Keen is very protective and this trip has been good for him. He has had to warm up to the adults due to the fact that he and I are staying at their house. He finally warmed up to J by the time we left and was fine with Gma when we got home.

Grace knew that Keen was a working dog and I took Keen’s vest off before we got all the way inside. Grace was quivering with excited and grabbed Keen’s vest as if to say, “I knew you would bring me a present! I love vests!” Grace and Keen were best friends right away. They were wrestling and stealing each others toys withing minutes.

The Skids have two pit bulls and one of them is named Dohden. He is the fat old man and he was sure I came over just so that he could sit in my lap. The other named Trinity, would often try to break up the wrestling matches between Keen and Grace. It was goofy to watch because she is half the size of the other two. 

Yesterday was a good day. 


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