when we first got to the farm, my siblings and I were super excited. I wasn’t nervous until we got up on the horse to test the stirrups. I got a horse named Lucky. He is lucky because my Uncle Rob found him hanging out of a mare causing him to not have oxygen. He called a vet and pushed him in as far as he could and when he came out, Lucky winked at them. They all thought he was dead.

He was a little grumpy in the beginning, but my Uncle said that he is gentle, just dumb. We got on and my grandpa told me how to control him. I started out good. It all went south when we were about a mile away from the farm. 

Another horse named Penny, started to fight or whatever with Lucky. Lucky then galloped away to try and get away from her. I was still on him. I was in shock when it happened. I did absolutely nothing, just hung on for dear life. He didn’t go very far by the time he stopped. And I had managed to stay on him the whole time.

I began to have a panic attack, hyperventilating, crying, and shaking. My Uncle Caleb is a veteran and has panic attacks often as well. He grabbed me out of the saddle and hugged me till I stopped. I said I didn’t want to get back on and he told me that I’d have to walk otherwise. 

So, I jumped back on, and my uncle rode in front of me. Lucky likes to bounce you around by hopping when he’s walking. Grandpa was impressed how he didn’t do it for long because Lucky bounced an old cowboy for fifteen miles, but a few seconds with me. After I calmed down, I enjoyed the ride home. All in all, it was a good experience for me. And I’m very proud of myself.

Oh, and Keen did fine. He didn’t get into anything. He did pee from excitement when I came home though. I’m very proud of him. 


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