Road Trip!

I forgot to tell you guys that we left for wyoming yesterday morning. And well, we made it. I was riddled with anxiety on multiple things, but we made it. It was about eight hours. Bleck. 

Keen did absolutely fantastic. He stayed curled up in his little spot the entire way. I was anxious for pretty much the whole ride so Keen would occasionally curl up on my lap when need be. He is really good at monitoring his water intake, so we rarely had to stop for potty brakes.

My sister and I are staying in the apartment above their house, so I have an escape. My grandma has two Scotty dogs that are riddled with energy and aren’t Keen to sharing their house. Keen on the other is completely submissive and just want to PLAY. My dads Aussie and him will play for hours. Rough housing that is.

Whoo… Really stressed right now. Tell you about it later though. It’s late and it is an early morning tomorrow.


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