Service Dog Scare

Last night I had a friend over and she stayed till about 10:30 pm. I hooked keen up to the lead before I let him outside so that we could say our goodbyes. When we were coming back in, I let him off lead before he was in the door and he took the opportunity to bolt. I called him for about ten minutes and then decided to take the ignoring tactic.

Half hour later, he was still not back. I went to bed and told my sister to let him in when he comes back. I woke up to him lying on my bed. He ended showing himself at midnight and they put him in my room. I got up and headed upstairs and Keen didn’t follow me. I stood at the top of the stairs waiting to hear him get off my bed. I didn’t. I called him and then he got off the bed.

He is standing at the base of the stairs and I call him again. He then slowly walks up the stairs and he was trying not to walk on his back legs. As he was near the top, he would whine whenever he put weight on his back legs. It scared me really bad. I hoisted up his rear end and helped him up the rest of the stairs. My dad and I then started feeling him and checking for broken bones and cuts.

We didn’t find any. We then decided that he was probably running so much last night when he ran off that he is sore. It relived my worries. A couple hours later, he couldn’t get up. He was whining a lot as if he was in pain whenever he moved his legs. I began to panic. I was afraid something was seriously wrong.

We decided to run in and get some aspirin for him. I came home and gave him some, then left for work. Without Keen. I came home to him on his lead barking and wagging his tail. The aspirin seems to have done its job. He ate and drank water and went to the bathroom. He even grabbed a bone and climbed up on the couch. He is doing much better!

I never want that to happen again. We think that he might have pulled something while running through a fence. We live on a farm and there is a lot of room for him to run. It is regrettably not fenced off for dogs, just cattle and llamas. That is why I have to hook him up to a lead. 

Anyways, everything ended up being ok.


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