7 Things People With Anxiety Want Loved Ones To Know…


I came across this article today and I, honestly, bawled. These seven things are exactly what living with anxiety disorders is like. I have been diagnosed with generalized anxiety disorder and social anxiety for a year now. I often find myself thinking that the feelings I’m feeling is just me. Like I am to blame for feeling the way I do.

Which leads to me feeling guilty about my disorder and becoming depressed. As the article states, you should not feel guilty. It is not your fault that you have these feelings that prevent you from doing things. I think that’s the main thing that really triggered the waterworks. 

I get really anxious when I am doing something new, something I haven’t ever done. I know that I am anxious and won’t be able to accomplish the task if I don’t have someone there with me. So, I have someone accompany me and begin feeling guilty leading to a chain reaction that ends in a panic attack. 

Anyways… Enough about me. Show this to the people you care about and that care about you, so that they can understand a little more about what you are feeling.

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