Went for a hike!

My dad decided to take us all on a hike to Lava Lake. It is a three mile hike…. I thought I was going to die. The whole trail has roots and rocks that make your knees give out a fourth of the way up. My siblings and I began to think that there wasn’t a lake. People just said there was so that you would kill yourself trying to get to the he top.

Well we did find it. All the dogs came with it a loved it. Keen is still exhausted and I’m just sore. He gave us a scare when he was wandering off the path and he started screaming out in pain. I was thinking he had broken his leg as we running trying to find him because we heard a snap. 

When we found him, he was in a little triangle of fallen trees, lying on his back. He was fine. He twisted his ankle and got a tiny scratch on his leg. He is a baby. He stopped limping after a bit and was enjoying himself in no time. We all want to go camping this summer and my dad is going to look into a good backpacking place. I am pretty excited to see what we decide to do.


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