Today was the groom that I was telling you all about how the lady wanted to sit and watch. Well, I decided to tell my boss that I wouldn’t be able to accomplish the groom if she was sitting and watching. I really thought I couldn’t. Just sitting and thinking about made me begin to feel as if I was going to dissociate. Keen was busy last night.

She said she totally understood. She ended up meeting the lady in town and bringing the dog to the shop. I had another collie to groom that needed shaved and took me a lot longer than I thought. But I did get them both finished before the shop opened.

I also got my paycheck when I left. A paycheck can certainly brighten anyone’s day. I’m getting hyped up for just about everything. Today was a good win.


My dad took Keen’s vest in yesterday to this canvas place and they repaired it. The lowest cost of anything their was apparently $15. The guy did it as soon as my dad came in and did it for free. It’s small acts of kindest that mean the most, isn’t?

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