Ok so the worst thing that could happen to a service dog team is that the vest get ruined. That is for me… Other than my dog getting hurt or sick… Anyways, I came home from work today and discovered that one of the straps on Keen’s vest has been severed. 

Oh man was I mad… Mainly because I have no idea how it happened. It looked like someone had cut it with a knife. So, I messaged the owner of the program we went through to get him and she said that it will cost just as much as if I got all the stuff myself. When you com phone the price of the patches and the vest it adds up to about $100.

I have that money, but I really need it by tomorrow. So, we decided to wait on getting a new vest and just see if we can get it repaired. That makes me even more… Anxious, itchy, something. I seem to have developed a bit OCD and the fact that I will be repairing the vest makes me just want to bawl.

Yes, no one will probably even notice it, but I will know and see it every time. I am over the moon with anxiety. I don’t know what my this is making me panic. It is a very small thing, but then again anxiety isn’t always rational…


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