My Other Half

Sorry that I haven’t posted in a while. I have been a bit busy. Grooming has been picking up and I am taking every one so that I will have a big fat paycheck. I have been getting a lot of people that want me to shave their Aussies down. I can understand it when it is a working farm dog though, because they get burrs everywhere. 

It has been in the 90s all week, so we have been taking trips to the river as often as we can. The river is absolutely fridgid when it is a warm day. But when it is hot. It is the perfect temperature. We all love going to the river and our house isn’t air conditioned. So the only way to cool off is jumping in the river.

I took Keen once, as you may very well know. But I didn’t take him the last time because I would either have to tether him to me or a rock. No fun for him either way. The trainers that trained Keen would always tell me that he is going to be like my other half. 

Well, I had never felt that way (in fact I was always tempted to leave him at home on his bad days. Which all dogs have.) until that day. I was anxious and filled with panic. I know that he would be miserable coming, but I had this feeling in my gut. It felt like every time I thought about him, someone would grab my stomach and twist it. 

Not a great feeling to have when swimming, but I made it and enjoyed myself. We went to get ice cream afterwards, but I didn’t go in. I gave my siblings the money and they went and got it. I think the time I wanted him most was on the drive home… But that is for another time.

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