Trip to the river!

Keen is still exhausted from the trip to the river yesterday. It was 95 degrees and I had just done chores, so I really needed to cool off. My family and I took the dogs and went to the river. Keen is not a big water fan so I didn’t think he was going to get in the water. 

When we got there, he got in the water and then ran when the river started taking me and him downstream. My dad then hung on to him while I swam. I continued going with the flow and let the current take me to the deep spot… Around a bend and under the bridge. 

Keen did not like it at ALL. He was screaming and pulling to try and get to me. So, my dad walked him to me and then unhooked his leash. He tore through the water to me and then just payed on top of me. He started licking my face as if saying, “Its alright! I got you! Now get me to shore please!” 

He wouldn’t get off until I moved to shallow water. It was so sweet! It made my day! 



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