Coffee Date

The friend I talked about in my previous post “Magical Popcorn,” dubbed J for my posts, asked me if I would like to go for coffe with her. She has POTS and Dysautonomia and I haven’t seen her in years. We used to go to the same church and lived in the same neighborhood. The summer after we moved into the house near hers, we spent riding our bikes to the splash park. 

The splash park was about a mile away and we go at at lunch time. At the heat of the day… We were crazy. The park is where they a ton of “things” that spray you with water or dump water on you. It was perfect to have at a park because you didn’t have to get in a pool. We didn’t play in it very often, but it was nice to have the option.

The other crazy part is that we would buy stuff from the gas station next to the park, every single day. Except for the weekends, that is. I don’t know how or when we got all the money to do that, but it was a fantastic summer! The best one I’ve had so far. 

That was when we were in sixth grade. I haven’t seen since then, and she and I have changed a lot. J was doing really well that summer and now she can’t ride a bike for a block before passing out. She has lots of food restrictions and she has very sensitive hearing. My anxiety is not coming from angle of “I don’t know her that well anymore, so I don’t want to go,” but that I don’t want to be the reason she is uncomfortable. 

When I was helping with the training of Keen, he would end up staying over for a weekend. When J heard that I had spent a majority of my summer in the hospital, she wanted to come right over. She did and it happened to be on the same day that Keen was over. 

He had a bone and was chewing on it. And J just could not stand the sound of it. She had to pit in earplugs. She didn’t say anything, but I saw her reaction and decided to take his bone away for him to chew on later. The visit didn’t last long, but since Keen comes with me everywhere, I don’t know how to help her. He has to come no doubt about it, but she is in physical pain when he makes any noise really.

My anxiety is getting the best of me, and I don’t know how to minimize it.

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