Funny story…

My work place is about 5 minutes from my house and we live in farm country. Our suburban is now air conditioned so I have to roll the windows down, which conveniently pleases Keen. The farmers have started watering their crops, therefore the roads get wet from the sprinklers. In the past week, Keen has gotten sprayed by the powerful sprinklers while sticking his head out, three times.

Three times too many apparently, because he no loger sticks his head out the window on the way to work. Now he prefers to sit in the very back of the car. One of the main reasons he does not like getting wet is because he has gotten quite a few baths. I guess he just really doesn’t like it… Actually, I know he doesn’t. 

It is actually kind of strange because he looks like he has lab in him, and they are water dogs. Today we went and got a little pool for the dogs, so that they can stay cool when they are outside. My dad’s bed bug detection dog, Attie, LOVES water. She is an Aussie and will actually dig in the water and then lay flat in the pool. It is so funny to watch. 

Keen does NOT want to get near the pool unless he is thirsty. I actually like that because I don’t have to worry about having to dry him every time he comes inside. Wet dog is not a preferred smell.


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