Near death experience…

It wasn’t really a near death experience, but by the way I’m feeling right now, it might as well have been…

How it all started is that yesterday I stepped on a rock. I was only wearing socks and I really wanted to go hold the kitties. So now it feels like I stepped on a nail (yes,I know what that feels like). I haven’t really been limping but just stepping carefully. 

I went o work this afternoon and did my usual routine. I went in the office, put down the time I arrived, checked for check ins, kenneled Keen, and then headed downstairs to all the dogs. While I was stepping onto the first step, I remembered something and went to turn arounds awkwardly on my tender foot.

Next thing I know, I am falling down the stairs. When I get to the bottom, I couldn’t believe it just happened, then my ankle started throbbing. I remember hearing my ankle pop multiple times when I stepped on it, thus causing the fall. I began panicking and thought that I might have broke it. I kept telling myself I didn’t and to just wait for it to stop hurting.

Eventually it did and I could walk on it. I had to go convince Keen that I was fine because when he heard me fall, he began frantically trying to get to me. Nonetheless, extremely scary for me. It’s not that I wouldn’t have gotten help because we all have to make sure we have our phones on us when we work. Due to the fact that something could happen while doing chores.

I think it was just the fact that I could have actually broken my ankle. The funny thing is that when I thought I did, the first thing that ran through my mind is that I won’t have enough money to go on vacation. Yup… I picked the most important thing to worry about… Genius!


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