Ever since I started working, I have hated taking vacation time. I am always worried that my boss is going to hate me for taking time off. Last year, I didn’t work from July 9th to the first week of September due to me being in the hospital. 

Since I have taken over the job of grooming, I have been absolutely hammered emotionally and physically. I groom every week day, with chores on Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. Then I do chores Saturday morning and Sunday night. Every time I do chores, the shop is open so I have to check in and out dogs too.

When summer was approaching, my boss told me all the days she is going to be gone. That means I will have to run the shop the days she is gone. Then she keeps telling me to tell her when I will be taking my vacation. Not if, but when. She really wants me to take time off.

So, I finally did. I took July 23rd thru the 29th off to go see family in Idaho. The only thing is that my mom is really wanting me to take some time off at the end of this month, because she has been noticing my mood plummet. I don’t know if I am actually going to have the guts to ask for time off, with so little notice. We’ll see…


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