Anxiety Migraine 

So, I have been battling with a migraine for the past week. Nothing was working to get rid of it. But my mom discovered the main cause of it lasting so long…

My group of friends and I always have an end of the year party. Last year, my older sister and I organized it and it was SO fun. We first ate hot dogs roasted on a campfire, and we got (plastic) cups for everybody and got special markers so that we could write on them. So that everyone got a keepsake for that year.

Then we moved the party to the Coop (it’s really just an old chicken that we renovated into a workshop for my dad). We had a pool table in the middle that we covered with a sheet of plywood. Then we put a table cloth on top of that. Therefore, while we played Apples to Apples, we all wrote and doodled on the tablecloth. To sum it up, it was a great night!

This year, my friend (let’s call her T) is organizing it, but my house is the venue. As the day has come closer, I have become very anxious. The whole idea is scary to me. So, my mama sat down with me and asked me what she could due to alleviate some of my anxieties. I said that I am going to need an escape. All my friends know where I hide, so they would drag me back to the party. My mama said that she would make sure to tell everyone that I am taking a break and to leave me be, when I do.

This morning, I woke up with a headache. It is SO much better than what I was feeling yesterday. I have headaches every day since I was 8. I can definitely deal with a headache. In fact, I. Think I would even like to go swimming.

Nonetheless, it is amazing the things your mind can do. It can make you paralyzed (temporarily in my case) or give you a week long migraine.


Apparently my sister and I had organized such an awesome party that T is doing the same thing. Make me feel good. 🙂


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