Snuggle Bug

I don’t know about you all, but I hated sleepovers. It didn’t matter if it was at my house or someone else’s. I never got any sleep. You know how as you get older, you tell people that you aren’t a big fan of sleepovers and they say they aren’t either. They say that they don’t sleep either. Then they come over to your house and they are out in a few minutes and you are left there to think about how you wish you never agreed to this.

I am bringing this up because I got new pillows yesterday (because Keen ruined two of mine). I was super excited to use them. I stuck them in pillow cases and put them at the head of my bed. As soon as Keen discovered the new pillows, he would not get off them. He draped himself across both of them and immediately fell asleep.

 It was close to 9:30 pm and I took him outside to go potty one last time. Then we go back down to my room and I get under the covers. He jumps up on the bed and lies his head and shoulders on the pillow next to me. When I turn the lights out and get back into bed, he starts getting very snuggly. 

Eventually, he has his legs wrapped around me and his head still on the pillow beside mine. So there is a small window in time where I have to get to sleep, or I will be up all night. I do not like to snuggle and so I didn’t get to sleep. I was up all night and I have a long day ahead of me. Ugh… Love him to bits. At least he will be the one dealing with me today. XP


Funny pictures of this morning. You can see that he now has a sporty new dog tag. Needed one for ages and I finally got one.


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