We went shopping!

First of all, I am not a big shopping person. When I go to a store, it is a quick in and out. But when I take my mom with me, she forces me to look around. So, I decided to take advantage of having the day off and went clothes shopping. I HATE clothes shopping. Reason? I hate trying clothes on.

I think that someone should invent a scanner that can tell you if something fits you or not. It would make it so much easier. I can think of so many instances where I decide that, this one time, I won’t try it on. It is the same size of my other shirts, so it should fit. Come home, try it on, and it’s too small. Ugh…

But, my mom made me try everything on and I made bank! I got a ton of awesome deals and they all fit. Keen was enjoying the shopping spree too because he got to help me. He helped me take off my shoes, handed me stuff, took off my jacket, and helped carry the groceries out. He did so good and I’m so proud of him! 

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