Magical Popcorn

Well, last night was interesting. My two friends came over and I was pretty much worthless. My migraine was messing with my hearing, so the one thing that I said most was “What?” I had absolutely no energy either, which made it quite interesting. I made meatloaf because it started with the letter M, and I started dishing it when they showed up. Heh heh. I had no strength in my ams so after I very precariously put them on the plates, I grabbed mine to take to the table. It went kersplat on the floor, so I didn’t eat dinner.

The friend that I hadn’t seen in years, Jordo, was one of the friends that came. She has a… Disease, I guess you could call it. Well, actually a few of them. She has POTS and Dysautonomia. She pretty much can’t eat anything because of it and can’t make it very far when using energy. 

Anyways, I made some of my own concoction of homemade popcorn before we watched Miranda. It was the only thing Jordo was going to be able to eat. My migraine was making me very nauseous, so I wasn’t really planning on eating anything. So Jordo and I sat down at the couch and began munching on the popcorn. And for some reason, I began feeling better! 

It wasn’t taking the migraine away, but it was making me less nauseous and slowly dulling the pain in my head. After a little bit, Jordo looks up at me and says, “This popcorn is really good! It’s not hurting my stomach!” And she starts eating more. 

All in all, I survived the night and fell asleep as soon as my head touched my pillow. But I woke up early this morning to my head pounding… Well, it was good while it lasted. I think I might go make myself some popcorn. 😉


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