Movie Night

Every Saturday is movie night with my friend, Kia, and I. She started this when I could no longer go to school. She refused to allow me to just slip away. And I oh so wish that I could. I am not a very social person, as most of you know. I especially hate it when I’m uncomfortable, or when the get together is on my turf. Every weekend I try to talk her out of coming over and she doesn’t listen and comes anyway.

At the graduation last week, I got to see an old friend. We were best friends in middle school and had fallen apart when I moved to another school. Well, my mom invited her and her sister to come over tonight. So that means three people will be coming over… Ugh.

The worse part is that I have my typical migraine, but it is raging right now. I am actuall starting to feel sick to my stomach… Oh my W! I so don’t want to do anything but sit in my room and… Well, think, I guess. It causes a lot less pain than doing something.

I might be able to make it through tonight because we are on letter M, and I love the movie we are watching. Well it’s not really a movie, rather a series. It is called Miranda. It is a BBC comedy series. And oh my W! It is absolutely HILARIOUS!!! If you want a good laugh, definitely watch it.


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