Anxiety while grooming…

Since I’ve started grooming, I began noticing that I would get REALLY hot. It usually lasts the length of the first groom of the day, and it isn’t just feeling like you are standing out in the sun. No, it is unbearable. I was willing to do the ice bucket challenge, kind of hot.

Once it wears off, I forget about it. But on Tuesday, I was feeling hot again, and my boss came in to tell me that she will give me my paycheck before I leave. Ok, she knows that I have episodes, but I don’t think that she knows what causes them or what they look like.

So I turned around to talk to her, and she gives me this weird look and asks if I’m feeling ok. I said I was ok, just hot. She asked if she should prop the outside door open to let some air in, and I refused. Then she said that I need to make sure to tell her if I don’t feel good. I was flabbergasted. I must have looked terrible because she is not the type of person to say that. 

I told my mom about once I got home and she said it is my anxiety. Apparently, whenever I have an episode, I get extremely hot. Since I found that out, I finally understand why Keen misbehaves when I first start grooming. I usually stick him in a kennel while I’m grooming because I have to be careful about how other dogs react, not just him. Whenever I start setting up to groom and get started, he goes nuts. He is whining, scratching, and barking to be let out.

I felt really embarrassed by his behavior, but now I understand why. He is trying to get to me, to prevent an episode. I don’t know what to do when he starts doing that though. I really wish I didn’t have a job where I have to lock him up. I don’t do it to keep him in, but to keep other dogs out. I am always surprised by how the other dogs react. I once did a humongous Newfoundland and I didn’t shut Keen’s kennel all the way and she got in there and tried to eat him. I’m exaggerating of course… Or not. After I finally pried her off him, he was covered in slobber. So that just might be what she was trying to do. 🙂


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