It’s finally over

My sisters graduation went good. Not as good as she and I would have liked, though. My sister had a tough time in the academia field of school and most people that we know knows it. So, the first thing people said when they saw her is, “You did it! I didn’t think you would!” She was absolutely devastated. 

I wasn’t able to make it through the ceremony. I started to panic when I saw how many people were there and how crowded it was. I really started panicking when I saw that there was NO room for Keen anywhere. So I went for a walk around the school and through the neighborhood by the school. It was very calming.
I did get see my sister receive her diploma. I popped my head in the door when they began announcing them. We had a party at our place afterwards and got to see some old school chums. It was so good to see them all. I was mostly playing tennis with the little kids in the yard, but I got to say hi. 
I am very proud of my sister and proud to say she is my sister. I love her so very dearly, and hope she stays happy as she continues down her path.

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