Socialization… AAH!

My sister’s graduation is Sunday. Graduation means people are going to come to our house after wards to congratulate her. At my house… Our tiny house… A lot of people… AAHH!! 

We were planning on having it outside, but we are going to be having crummy weather. So, it is now moved inside. It is absolutely terrifying to me. I do not do good with, well… People. I don’t like the idea of having to sit down and have a CONVERSATION with everybody. A few of the families will be bringing their kids that my sister and I used to babysit. I will probably end up entertaining them.

Yes. I would choose to hang with a bunch of 5 year olds, than talk to people. I love how little kids don’t judge you, and don’t care if you have good socializing skills. All they really care about is if they are exerting their energy in a fun way. 

My grandparents are coming tomorrow. I am working tomorrow morning and have the shop to myself, so I decided to groom Dori. The thing is that I was hoping to get out of going to graduation because I usually work Sunday evenings. My mom told me that I am going to have to go, so I told my boss. My boss is just too kind because she closed the shop Sunday and had me just do chores in the morning. 

Ugh… Now I have to go. I am absolutely terrified… In fact, I would like to bury myself in a hole and not come out till Monday afternoon…

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