Sleep deprived…

I am positively sleep deprived. Last night there was a really bad lighting and thunder storm. Reason that that matters?  

Me and Keen’s routine:

Let Keen out to go potty

Head down to my room

Get Keen off my bed

Turn off the lights

Climb into bed

Go to sleep

Since we began this routine, Keen has just climbed into his kennel when I kicked him off my bed. He usually stays there till he sneaks up on the bed in the morning. But last night, he started growling when he heard the thunder in the distance. Then, as it came closer, he started to become silent. When there was a thunder crack that shook the house, he was in bed with me. 

So he stayed in bed with me all night. The only thing is that, since he was scared, every time I would move he would make sure there was absolutely no space between us. So by 1:34 AM, I no longer had room in the bed. Keen, on the other hand, was sleeping like baby. Eventually, I ended up kicking him off my bed so I could finally get some sleep.

Therefore, I am having to function on 4 hours of sleep. But it’s ok… I’ve had to do it many times! XP

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