Keen trying to help me through this migraine…

Ugh… I have had a migraine all day long! I took my siblings to see the new avengers movie and I could just not stand it. Keen kept alerting me to my migraine and had me leave the movie. I forgot to bring my meds, so I was stranded there till the movie was over. 

So, due to me not catching it on time, I had REALLY bad symptoms. I had to work the afternoon shift at the kennel as soon as we got home and that did not help at all. When I got home, I ran to the bathroom due to me having really bad nausea. I’ve had blurred vision since noon, so that is making me even more nauseous. 

My bedroom is in the basement, so as soon as I came down, I have not been able to make it back up the stairs. The real bummer is that we are having pizza tonight and I won’t be eating any! :’-( 

I have had migraines since I was eight, and I still get these really bad ones that end up ruining my entire day. So, for all those migraine sufferers… I want to give you a thumbs up and hope you find a deep silent dark hole to spend the entirety of your suffering. I am wishing for one right now… 

I didn’t mean to make that last comment seem depressing… I am just really wishing I had a cool, dark, silent hole to curl up in… Anyways, I hope you all have a fantastic Mother’s Day, and end the day on a happy note!

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