Busy Week

Ok… I haven’t posted in a while. Reason being? I have been so freaking busy! For one, I have been taking on more shifts at the kennels because my boss can’t work afternoons due to prior engagements. Second, the groomer in the kennel is currently unavailable. So, I am taking up all the slack on the grooming, I have been jam packed with grooming appointments. 

My biggest worry about doing all the grooming is that I only know how to do certain cuts. Before the groomer became unavailable, she was going to teach me how to give a dog a skirt and how to complete a poodle. I have been doing ok. My biggest hurtle was when I had to do a shitzu.

I have done them before, but this lady wanted a shitzu face instead of a teddy bear face. I’ve never done one of those before! So, when I arrived, I turned to see what I was going to have to work with. She was white, but she was just one big ball of mats and burrs. We usually dress the dogs up before we send them home. With the small breeds, we tend to stick a bow with a rubber band on the top of their head. Well, the lady never took the bow out of her hair. So it was one humongous mat. 

I was terrified that I was going to have to clip her head! And that is the number one grooming no no. You NEVER clip a dogs face as much as possible. Well, with some will power and a bit of a miracle, I was able to save the face and she turned out quite nicely!

Oh and then the HiSET… I have been long ready to take the test. Since the lady has just now allowed me to take the test (GRR), I have to send in the accommodations request. What the lady didn’t tell us is that it takes SIX WEEKS for it to take affect. AT THE VERY LEAST!! Ugh. And now they are saying that the letter we sent in doesn’t give enough proof that I need the accommodation.

Ergerbrainbutts! Anyways… Been very busy, anxious, and stressed!


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