My Puppy’s Sick!


I think Keen might have eaten something he wasn’t supposed to be (naughty dog) Tuesday night, or he just caught a bug. Wednesday morning, about 3:00 am, Keen kept waking me up, whining, and pacing back and forth. I thought he was alerting me, but he wasn’t doing what he usually does.

I eventually got the strength enough to go upstairs and let him out. And man did he have to go! He has had diarrhea since Wednesday and he is just absolutely exhausted! Youth group was yesterday… And my only chance to get out and see the world… But I couldn’t go because my dawg wasn’t feeling good. 

You know, it really sucks that you have to have your service dog with you wherever you go, in order to go. I think that sentence just confused me. What I mean is that, the only time I am able to go out is when Keen is with me. Now that he is sick, I can’t go anywhere. Well, I could, but that would be cruel and possibly messy. 

So Keen, Pipp, Zoey, and I have been chilling out at home this week… Bored out of our minds. 

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